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Wednesday, April 09, 2014


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Yes, unlike your last post on Russia, which I took some issue with, I think you're 100% correct here. I had a Hungarian friend in the '80s, who had escaped during the '56 uprising, and he had all sorts of stories about how despised the Russians were in Hungary (he didn't think much of Romanians either, to your point about these Eastern Eur nations not liking each other very much), and considered Hungary to be a natural part of the West. I think this is correct, and and I agree we've acted appropriately in inviting these countries into NATO.

So far Putin has held off invading Eastern Ukraine, which I had earlier assumed he would do right after taking the Crimea. He still seems to be prodding around for an opportunity to do so. Hopefully, the outrage over his earlier actions has forced him to reassess. I also hope these incidents have served as a reminder to the Europeans that the Russians can't really be trusted, at least not so long as they keep opting for the "strong man" style of government.

So Russia like Germany has brought grief to its neighbors, eh? So hows our track record of pissing in other peoples backyards? How about the endless promises broken? Like assuring Russia we would not put NATO on its boarders? Hell even George Kennan had problems with how we were "dealing" with Russia and our NATO expansion. Like Russia has no national interests? Now its we can't trust Russia? Again?

How about we trust the National Endowment for Democracy (NED)? $130m USD of taxpayer monies to do what? Overthrow elected governments? Whether we (the US) like them or not?

Our track record? Yugoslavia? That got us far and we even armed some same people who we and Russia fight today. We broke Iraq for the sake of ideology and that should be a national disgrace. Afghanistan? We got change there alright. We played in Syria's backyard, thank goodness that did not go far.

Now the Ukraine? Russia is not Germany. Putin is not Stalin nor Hitler and we need to stop our own nonsense and start acting like diplomats and end conflicts not start them. Its getting to the point where the only way you can tell the difference between the Pentagon and Foggy Bottom is by the military hardware. You would think Victoria Nuland was JCS and Dempsey was State Department. NATO? Another cold war dinosaur that no one wants to get rid of. When are we going to learn our lessons learned? Or is our imperial hubris to far gone?

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