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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


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Well, I hope you're right, but I'm extremely skeptical of this point of view. I see no sign that Putin is "tired and irrational". What evidence are you seeing of this? He's about to make 1/3 of a neighboring country that was once part of Russia, part of Russia again, which I believe has been in his mind all along, the West will do little about it except some economic sanctions which will fall apart in a few months (I assume you saw the picture of the British document which stated to only agree to sanctions that didn't hit "The City"), his popularity at home is at record highs, the Chinese are going to stay out of it and continue to do business with Russia as they see fit, and the Europeans will continue to buy gas from Russia. This is irrationality? Sounds more like a sensible and well-executed plan to me, with few, if any, long-term repercussions. I think you may be over-estimating the power (and unity) of the West these days.

Then there is the astonishing argument that the oligarchs are going to put pressure on Putin. Oligarchs who put pressure on Putin end up in prison, or deported, or dead. Maybe I missed something, but I'd sure like to know which oligarchs are going to question a dictator who has now reached almost demigod status with the Russian population, who has a history of giving no quarter to his opponents, and who I believe has the security apparatus completely behind him. Seems like wishful thinking.

I somewhat agree with both of the views depicted here by the author & the comment... I do believe that young Russians are not too pleased with Putin & would be glad to see him eradicated... However, the old communist / KGB regime & those that fear him & that regime are aligned with Putin's message... The other factor to include is that Putin is using the timing of the west struggle with the economy, while the East, China, N. Korea and other Middle East countries are flexing their muscles... I do have hope that this will play itself out to a peaceful resolution, but at the same token I recognize some delicate situations that are shaping the world stage for a close call to major/minor power crash in the world... In this high tech era, the humanity needs to realize that consequences can be grave resulting from only small / what we may think insignificant mistakes in responding to such worldly conflict eruptions...

President Putin’s worldview is hiding in plain sight. I suggest that to witness in Kiev a repeat of this struggle for freedom and democracy unroll under his rule in Kiev evoked memories of East Germany when the demonstrators took to the streets and brought down the government. That was his greatest catastrophe of the 20th century.
He will not be a complacent and complicit Gorbachev, which is how the KGB team now running Russia saw President Gorbachev, who refused to use the 380,000 Soviet Soldiers to maintain control. Worse, Kiev is not Berlin or Leipzig. Painful as it was to lose East Germany, Kiev is much closer to home.
Here is the link: http://www.theglobalist.com/putins-russia-reset/

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