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Monday, April 19, 2010


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Go to the ACS and create a count of college grads by MSA. It will be immediately evident that Florida and Glaeser's argument that educated people are moving to places with "more" educated people is categorically false.

Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, St. Louis, etc. have as many college grads in the MSA as Portland, Seattle, Raleigh-Durham, etc. People need to stop lying to themselves and each other about why people move from one area to another. We have little chance of saving important collections of human capital and infrastructure in older industrial cities until we face this head on.

Thank you for the kind words.

I'd agree (selfishly perhaps), that we need to have more indigenous R&D in the Midwest.

Perhaps modesty precludes it, but you should put yourself on the list. Not only did you write the key book on the Midwest, but you're a great blogger yourself now.

I might also add Jim Russell to the list for his thinking on the geography of talent:


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